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StartEngine + SeedInvest

StartEngine has officially acquired SeedInvest, and together we aim to take startup investing further than ever before.

Funded Companies


$1.76M+ Raised
3 Rounds on SeedInvest

Real estate company reducing the cost and time required to create and operate new multi-family housing.


Death & Co

$8.7M+ Raised
3 Rounds on SeedInvest

Hospitality brand providing exceptional guest experiences anchored by a passion for hospitality, cocktails, spirits, wine, beer, and food.



$1.6M+ Raised
1 Round on SeedInvest

Clean energy company using solar energy to eliminate the need for fossil fuels in all sectors of the economy.



$1.7M+ Raised
1 Round on SeedInvest

Media company delivering the latest in business, tech, and venture capital directly to your inbox.



$15.1M+ Raised
3 Rounds on SeedInvest

Advanced security technology company that uses software, hardware and humans to provide clients with advanced anomaly detection capabilities.


Virtuix Omni

$22M+ Raised
5 Rounds on SeedInvest

Hardward company developing virtual reality platforms that enable users to walk and run in 360 degrees in virtual reality Creator of Omni.

By the numbers

Platform Investors


Raised on the Platform


Raised by SeedInvest Portfolio Companies

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licorice 300 quote icon

My first ever seed investment, into @WINC via @SeedInvest went public today. Feels good! Keen to do more and SeedInvest makes it v easy.

maddy want image 1

Maddy Want

licorice 300 quote icon

I can say without reservation it's one of the best venture investment platforms available, compared to others that I've used, and even compared to investments that have come from personal referrals.

Jimmy K

licorice 300 quote icon

I like that SeedInvest SeedInvest takes pre-screening seriously — the companies are high quality.

xiaoyang avatar


licorice 300 quote icon

I am thrilled to have played a role in supporting Heliogen's journey to becoming a public company, and am even more thrilled with the performance of my investment!

adam wasserzug avatar

Adam Wasserzug

licorice 300 quote icon

Is my $400 investment really worth $10k?...Now I really believe even a small investment can turn into something huge when you are in early!

David Garr

licorice 300 quote icon

How is Seedinvest different? SeedInvest doesn’t go for volume. They always always go for higher quality deals.

sunmeet jolly avatar

Sunmeet Jolly

Looking to raise a round for your company?

Streamline your fundraising process and tap into our team of fundraising experts who are 100% committed to making the process a success from end to end.

licorice 300 quote icon active quote green icon

"It was great to get business leads and introductions from this new set of investors, beyond what those on my board could bring...I have already recommended SeedInvest to several other companies, and look forward to working with SeedInvest again personally as well.”

bill gross avatar

Bill Gross


RAISED $1,600,000
licorice 300 quote icon active quote green icon

“Crowdfunding wasn’t initially on our radar, we weren’t aware of it as a route for our company and we really fell in love with the people at SeedInvest and the idea and ultimately the idea that we could have our investor base made up of the people that have supported us this entire time: our fans, followers and guests."

david kaplan avatar

David Kaplan


RAISED $6,000,000+
licorice 300 quote icon active quote green icon

“For those entrepreneurs seeking a 48-hour clock because there is just not enough time in the day, you need to seriously consider having the SeedInvest team give you back some time so you can focus on building your dreams.”

william santana li avatar

William Santana Li


RAISED $15,000,000
licorice 300 quote icon active quote green icon

“The SeedInvest team was incredibly supportive in facilitating a successful raise and the experience we gained while working with them has been useful for company growth far beyond our Series A round.”

nisha naik avatar

Nisha Naik


RAISED $6,000,000+
Refer a Founder

Know a founder or team building something big? You can earn between $5000 to $20,000 when they successfully launch a raise on the platform.

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Platform Investors


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