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Wearable tech for action sports.

  • Graduate of the TechLaunch technology accelerator
  • Previous round led by NJ JumpStart Angel Network
  • $125,000
  • $500,000
    Offering Size
  • TechLaunch506(c)Vetted

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    Patch of Land

    Debt-focused real estate crowdfunding platform for high-yield residential and commercial real estate loans

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  • $3,400,000
  • 1871 Chicago506(c)Funded

    Predict and Prevent Crime with Autonomous Data Machines

    Using the SeedInvest platform streamlined the funding process and allowed us to spend less time herding cats and more time growing our business.

  • $2,935,000
  • $3,400,000
    Offering Size
  • Plug and Play Tech Center506(c)Funded

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    Brad Harrison

    Managing Partner, Scout Ventures

    We love sharing our best deals with SeedInvest because their superior platform is managed by professional investors who understand early stage investing.

    Brad uses SeedInvest to manage deal flow for Scout Ventures and raised funds online for the Scout Ventures II Fund on SeedInvest.

    Troy Vosseller

    Co-Founder, gener8tor

    The painful process of investing in a private company hasn't changed for decades. But with SeedInvest, investors can easily review and invest in our portfolio companies with the click of a button.

    Troy uses SeedInvest to manage gener8tor's portfolio companies and syndicate investment opportunities with the SeedInvest investor network.

    Jared Jeffries

    Founder, STAR Angel Network

    After screening through hundreds of startups each quarter, STAR Angel Network utilizes SeedInvest as the platform for our Members to analyze, fund and manage the best opportunities for potential investment.

    Jared uses SeedInvest to manage STAR Angel Network's deal flow and execute investments online.

    Brian Shimmerlik

    Founder, Vengo

    SeedInvest raised me over $700k quickly, enabling me to spend less time fundraising and more time running my business.

    SeedInvest helped raise $2,000,000 for Vengo.

    Michael Keating

    Founder, Scoot

    SeedInvest was the perfect place for us to run our general solicitation. They have a great platform, great processes, and they brought great investors to the table.

    SeedInvest helped raise $1,505,000 for Scoot Networks.

    Jamie Rosen

    Founder, Dietbetter

    We were able to get to our target of $300,000 in a few weeks. Honestly, who knows how long it might have taken without SeedInvest.

    SeedInvest helped raise $248,000 for DietBetter.

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