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Digitally focused apparel brand offering premium denim and luxury essentials at 1/3 the retail price.

  • $8,811,000 of Interest
  • 1,920 Indications
Amplify LAReg ATesting the waters
Valet Anywhere

Changing the urban car ownership experience

  • $2M annual run rate within 8th months (Aug 15 revenue * 12)
  • Added General Manager of UBER NYC as stratgic advisor
  • $100,000
  • 56
    Days Left
  • AngelPad506(c)VettedAccredited only

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    raised $2,935,000

    Predict and Prevent Crime with Autonomous Data Machines

    Knightscope is developing technology that will predict and prevent crime. Crime has a $1+ trillion negative economic impact on the economy and our goal is to cut it in half with a combination of hardware, software and social engagement. This new profound level of technology has been widely covered by ...

    Patch of Land

    raised $3,400,000

    Debt-focused real estate crowdfunding platform for high-yield residential and commercial real estate loans

    Patch of Land is a curated real estate debt crowdfunding platform that sources, originates, and underwrites loans to professional, experienced real estate developers. Patch of Land is one of the first real estate crowdfunding platforms. We have been building a strong track record of funded projects and investor returns since ...


    raised $2,000,000

    Point-of-Purchase digital media kiosk

    Vengo is a software and media company that engages consumers and gets data. Vengo's platform combines interactive digital media with point-of-purchase. The impulse purchase at the grocery checkout line is down by 1/3 and brands are seeking new platforms to interact and engage with consumers. Vengo creates retail in new ...

    Atlas Wearables

    raised $1,117,000

    Wearable device that knows when you do push ups, squats and more – all you have to do is workout.

    What Sets Us Apart With a single on-wrist device, Atlas can track your body on the x-, y- and z-axes. It’s so precise, it can tell the difference between push-ups vs. triangle push-ups, bicep curls vs alternating bicep curls and squats vs dead lifts. Atlas logs your workout with zero ...

    Scoot Networks

    raised $1,505,000

    The Future of Urban Transportation

    UPDATE: Oversubscribed early. Not accepting any additional investments. ABOUT SCOOT: Using Scoot, you can make 30 MPH, one-way trips between any Scoot location in the city, riding an electric motorscooter you activate with your own smartphone. No motorcycle license needed. Rates start at $3/ride. As fast as a taxi and ...


    raised $1,384,000

    The easiest way to use your digital currency.

    SNAPCARD offers a suite of products and services which are designed to make it easy for the average consumer or business to use Bitcoin and alternative decentralized digital currencies. Accounts can be created in minutes, and allow retailers to start participating in the digital currency innovation straight away. Founded in ...


    raised $4,155,000

    A leading equity crowdfunding platform that connects accredited investors to top startups seeking funding

    SeedInvest provides high quality startup opportunities to investors who haven't previously had access to them. We make investing in startups as easy as buying a share of stock and built a rapidly growing marketplace.


    raised $248,000

    Disrupting the weight loss industry via social dieting

    We've developed an innovative way to motivate people to adopt healthy behaviors through a combination of competition, collaboration, and financial incentives.It works remarkably well. We launched our first product in 2014, a weight-loss game called DietBet, and we've now helped hundreds of thousands of (paying) customers collectively lose millions of ...


    raised $3,000,000

    Next Generation Virtual Reality Hardware and Software

    Virtuix is the developer of the Virtuix Omni™, the first ever virtual reality interface for moving freely and naturally in virtual worlds. The Omni is a patent pending omni-directional treadmill that enables the user to walk, run, and jump in 360 degrees in video games. Moving naturally in virtual reality ...


    raised $1,000,000

    "PayPal Mafia"-backed Platform for Business Deals

    CapLinked is a cloud-based deal management platform used for complex and sensitive projects such as M&As, financings, asset sales, and investor reporting. The Wall Street Journal called CapLinked “the go-to place for setting up and closing deals." Founded by PayPal’s former head of marketing and a private equity executive. Backed ...


    raised $850,000

    Hassle-free Home Security

    Scout is next-generation home security made sleek, smart and affordable. Home security is a commodity and most of the 17% of the country that has security is dissatisfied with their provider. Scout Alarm is changing the game by offering a system with no long term contracts, the latest technology and ...


    raised $1,000,000

    Discover more from your audio

    LISNR changes the way consumers experience audio by turning what has been a passive experience into an interactive engagement platform. LISNR allows audio to passively trigger fan/consumer interactions using a mobile device during the listening experience. Currently, lisnr provides musicians with a new way to engage with their fans and ...