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About us

A more inclusive financial system.

Historically, only accredited investors – just a fraction of the U.S. population – have been able to invest in private startups. Over the last decade, we’ve worked to make laws more equitable, and put venture in every investor’s portfolio. Because we believe everyone should be able to own a piece of the future.

Important update

As of October 24, 2022 Circle has made the strategic decision to focus on its core business and, as a result, entered into an agreement to divest SeedInvest to fellow startup fundraising platform, StartEngine. The acquisition is contingent upon FINRA approval, which is expected to be received within six months.

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We’re financial professionals, engineers, and former founders working to make venture accessible to all.

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"Working at SeedInvest is exciting and challenging. No two days are the same! I personally love working here because of the incredible founders I get to interact and collaborate with. It’s also incredibly rewarding to know you are directly impacting someone’s dreams and future by giving them access to capital."


Obi Chukwuma

Venture Growth Team

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“Working with startup founders, getting insight into what they’re building and what excites them, makes me feel like I get to see the world 5-10 years into the future."

aaron kellner

Aaron Kellner

Venture Team

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“The opportunity to work one on one with passionate, ambitious, and driven founders is why I joined SeedInvest. Having past issuers reach out and share how they were able to meaningfully advance their business as a result of our work together never gets old."

Sarah Haas

Sarah Haas

Venture Growth Team