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Product Update: Managing Your Investor Account


We’ve made updates to your SeedInvest experience! Now you can manage your holdings, pending investment activity, investor account details, and funding methods all in one place.

Below is an overview of what’s changed and how we’ve made it easier to review details about what is required to finalize your investments.

Investor Account

Your Investor Accounts (Personal Account, Trust Account, Company Account) can now be found by clicking your personalized icon at the top right corner of the page. Select an Investor Account and find the holdings, pending activity, account details, and funding methods associated to that account.


See all your holdings associated with your Investor Account in your Portfolio. Your holdings include investments that have been formally closed upon. Click on one of the company tiles to find a list of all your holdings. Now it’s easier to see details of your holdings and download any relevant documentation.

Pending Activity

Find all your pending activity here. This includes investments that are still processing and any reservations you’ve made. We’ve added additional details to this page, giving you more insight into where your investment is at in the process. Now you can see if information is still required to verify your account, whether your investment has been funded yet, and if your investment has reached escrow. Once all these items are resolved, the investment will move from Pending Activity to your Portfolio page.

Account Details

Federal law requires us to obtain, verify, and record information that identifies you and the account on whose behalf you would like to invest. Visit your Account Details page to see all the information required to open and verify your Investor Account (you will be asked to re-verify this info every year). Once all the required information is collected, our Operations Team will review your account. The status of your account will clearly be indicated at every point of the process.

Funding Methods

Now you can easily manage all the funding methods associated with your Investor Account. You can add new funding methods, verify your bank account, and get more information about your wire transfers.

Explore Your Account


This post was written by SeedInvest on June 6, 2019