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EnergyFunders is democratizing energy investing in startups

Energy Funders | Energy Investing

“When the opportunity came along to raise capital on SeedInvest, we were excited to work with another equity crowdfunding platform.”


-Casey Minshew, CEO of EnergyFunders


SeedInvest and EnergyFunders

SeedInvest is helping to raise capital for EnergyFunders, another equity crowdfunding company. With this newly generated capital, EnergyFunders aims to introduce equity crowdfunding to more of the energy sector, changing the way in which people invest in energy.

The Evolution of Equity Crowdfunding

Until 2015, non-accredited investors were largely limited in their startup investment opportunities. Then Title III & Title IV of the JOBS Act opened up equity crowdfunding to non-accredited investors.

Today, EnergyFunders offers all investors, from Main Street to Wall Street, exposure to energy projects. EnergyFunders CEO Casey Minshew explains, “we are committed to providing access to energy, an industry that traditionally has had a very high barrier to entry.”

How Does EnergyFunders Work?

EnergyFunders is a financial technology company that provides users the opportunity to invest in energy-related projects by utilizing its internet-based application platform.

The company operates a registered equity crowdfunding portal using Regulation CF of the JOBS Act called EnergyFunders Marketplace. The Marketplace uses crowdfunding to raise capital for promising energy technology and alternative energy companies. Although “capital has been raised and invested directly into oil and gas projects for over 100 years,” Philip Racusin, CIO of EnergyFunders says. This way of raising is “taking it into the 21st Century.” Learn more about Regulation CF and equity crowdfunding offering types.

In addition to their equity crowdfunding platform, they also raise capital for funds that invest in individual oil and gas exploration and production projects under the name EnergyFunders Black, which earns carried interest and fees from each of the separate projects, similar to the structure of a venture capital fund. Investors receive access to oil and gas exploration and production well projects from developers.

EnergyFunders Is Aiming To Change The Future of Energy Investing

EnergyFunders provides investors with access to projects traditionally reserved for the wealthy or industry insiders. Their mission is to provide investors from all backgrounds and geographies access to various types of energy investments.

“Gone are the days when the only way to invest in energy was through retail stocks and funds,” Casey Minshew, CEO of EnergyFunders says.

By opening up investment access to energy, environmental, and tech companies through their crowdfunding platform, EnergyFunders is changing the way the $1.2 trillion energy industry is funded, produced, and distributed. “We’re converting ownership of energy assets from a traditionally expensive and time-consuming process into a simple, streamlined transaction.”

Energy Funders is currently raising a US $1,070,000 bridge round. If you are interested in learning more about this investment opportunity, you may view the company’s profile here: /energyfunders/bridge. EnergyFunders is offering securities under both Regulation D and Regulation CF through SI Securities, LLC (“SI Securities”).


This post was written by SeedInvest on August 13, 2018

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