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Founder Profile Series: Samuel Huber of Admix

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“I am passionate about immersive tech because it is a media revolution, a change of interface.”


-Samuel Huber, Admix Founder and CEO


Samuel is an ex Formula1 strategy engineer turned adtech and gaming entrepreneur. Foreseeing the rapid growth of immersive technologies, in early 2017 he set up Admix, an adtech platform for VR and AR. He has been invited to speak around the world about this up-and-coming industry, how to monetize this new “attention economy,” and what will create a better viewing experience for everyone. Before Admix, Samuel co-founded gamification company Kout.io, set up RougeTrader, the first binary trading app, and established a social gaming app called Betify. He is a graduate of Cranfield Uni, Uppsala Uni, and EPF Lausanne.

Why are you passionate about the space?

“I am passionate about immersive tech because it is a media revolution, a change of interface. Two significant changes of interface over the years have been the printing press and the screen. Before the printing press, information was spread verbally. The printing press helped distribute information at scale. On the other hand, the screen helped digitize information, making it even more easily accessible. To this day, the screen is still our main interface to consume content – we spend seven hours per day in front of screens, from smartphone to TV or laptop. I believe that immersive technologies [VR and AR] are going to change that by effectively removing the need for a traditional screen. Think about those two previous changes of interface and the huge positive impact they had developing the modern world. I want to be a part of a third change of interface, and that is why I am so passionate about the VR/AR industry.”

What are some of the most important/disruptive trends you see occurring in the industry?

“For me, the immersive revolution is inevitable; it’s just a matter of time. Today, VR and AR are already used in a wide range of industries, like design, maintenance, and healthcare. I think over the next five years, with cheaper and better hardware, VR and AR are going to become consumer devices, providing real value. For that, the content also needs to mature — today, it’s mostly about games. I believe that over the next few years, content will massively diversify to appeal to a more mainstream market. VR will become our new social and entertainment hub, and AR will become our personal assistants.”

How do you see your company aiding in the disruption VR/AR is bringing about?

“VR and AR are essentially a new type of media, and with rare exceptions, people expect media to be free. Therefore, advertising will be the backbone of the growth of VR and AR. However, the current rules of web advertising can’t be applied to immersive tech; it’s two-dimensional, very intrusive, and creates a terrible experience. When the change of interface happens, existing adtech platforms will be left behind trying to figure out their way without the screen. Therefore, we saw a huge opportunity in building tools that developers can leverage to become financially successful and push the industry forward while maintaining standards for a high-quality experience.”

Admix is currently raising a $2,000,000 preferred equity round. If you are interested in learning more about this investment opportunity, you may view the company’s profile here: /admix/seed. Please note that this opportunity is only available to accredited investors. Admix is accepting investments for an Offering under Rule 506(c) Regulation D through SI Securities.


This post was written by SeedInvest on June 19, 2018

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