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SeedInvest Back in DC with the SEC Next Week


At the 31st Annual SEC Government-Business Forum on Small Business Capital Formation on Thursday November 15, SeedInvest will join other CFIRA leaders in meeting with the SEC, which is currently regulating the process of Crowdfund Investment. The forum will begin with panel discussions on the implementation of the JOBS Act and what kinds of small-business capital formation it covers, and will be webcast live on the SEC’s website. Afterwards, there will be afternoon breakout groups to discuss specific policy recommendations, which will be open to the public and accessible by teleconference, but will not via webcast.

As stated on the SEC’s website, “A major purpose of the Forum is to provide a platform to highlight perceived unnecessary impediments to small business capital formation and address whether they can be eliminated or reduced. Each forum seeks to develop recommendations for government and private action to improve the environment for small business capital formation, consistent with other public policy goals, including investor protection.” Amassing a considerable entrepreneurial presence, not just members of the CFIRA but other small businesses, investors, VCs, lawyers, and other crowdfunding advocates is hugely important in ensuring that the concerns of startups and small businesses will be reflected in the rulemaking process.


This post was written by James Han on November 9, 2012

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