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New Years Resolutions

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  • January 1, 2016
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At SeedInvest, we’re constantly pushing to improve every aspect of the business. This “never settle” attitude extends beyond the office into every aspect of our lives. To see this, one need look no further than our team’s 2016 New Year Resolutions:

Aaron Kellner: Read at least two books per month in 2016

Pelli Wang: Write a thought-provoking piece and have it published in a highly regarded publication (WSJ, Forbes, Inc, etc) and also plan a 2 week vacation to Africa.

Ken Kanara: Complete 32 consecutive handstand push-ups with no wall and break the world record. Current record is 31.

Andres Diana: Work with my son to help him code his first app before he turns 3. Just as soon as we get the whole talking thing figured out I think we’ll be good to go!

Jimmy Wenk: Train for an Ironman, improve my squash ranking, and travel to Southeast Asia.

Sara Baris: Finish my first novel and have someone enjoy reading it.

Scott Li: At least once a month, make the best thing I’ve eaten that month at home.

Alexandra Tynion: Meditate daily and write more…for fun!

Jay Thakrar: Go skydiving in Switzerland and test for my third degree black belt

AnMaree Williams: Paint a landscape of the view from the home where I grew up in the Caribbean.

Peter Thomson: Ride my bicycle to work every day in 2016 no matter how much winter snow or summer heat New York throws at me.

Eric Woo: Squat over 300lbs, deadlift over 300lbs, and bench over 200lbs.

Aryeh Friedman: Learn how to spell Wednsday and Febuary.

Nicolas Leeper: Complete at least 1 major DIY project in my apartment each quarter.

Jigar Gandhi: Visit Asia for the first time and stop eating meat.

From the entire team at SeedInvest, we wish you a Happy New Year!

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