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SeedInvest Returning to Philadelphia


Next week SeedInvest will be returning to Philadelphia on Thursday, July 26 to present at The Soho Loft & FundingPost’s Consumer Products Investing Event.  The event will feature a Crowdfunding Panel in which I will be joining Alon Hillel-Tuch, Co-Founder & CFO of RocketHub and Bill Davis, the President of GATE Impact.  In addition, a number of highly regarded investors and leaders in the consumer products space will be presenting.  The current lineup of speakers includes:

  • Patrick Raymond, Co-Host, The Food Network’s Invention Hunters
  • Andrew S. Whitman, Managing Partner, 2x Consumer Products Growth Partners
  • Jonathan Hakakian, Managing Partner, Soundboard Angel Fund
  • Michael Kopelman, Partner, Edison Venture Fund
  • Liam Patrick, Partner, Fireman Capital Partners
  • Elijah Duckworth-Schachter, Family Office Fund, Point One Percent
  • Keynote: Harris Romanoff, VP Product Management, Neat
  • Josh Weisman, Partner, Precision VenturesMichael Stich, Chief Growth Officer, Rockfish
  • Carter Weiss, Managing Partner, Silas CapitalAdam Borden, Founder, Bradmer Foods
  • Steve Sinek, Angel Investor, ARC Angel Fund
  • Marit Molin, Principal, Frontier Equities Venture Capital

I am honored to serve as a panelist at such a phenomenal event, hosted by The Soho Loft, a world-renowned thought leader in the emerging Crowdfunding space and by FundingPost, an established leader in the business of connecting entrepreneurs and investors.  I am particularly excited that this event represents the amalgamation of Consumer Products and Crowdfunding because, at SeedInvest, we believe that Crowdfunding will greatly empower Consumer Products businesses.

I say that because one of the biggest challenges to launching a successful Consumer Products business involves gaining brand awareness for your product.  Consumer Products companies that successfully raise seed capital on SeedInvest will not only gain funding, but also hundreds of powerful brand ambassadors with a vested interest in their success.  Furthermore, successfully raising capital on SeedInvest will enable these companies to prove that there is a market for their product at the onset.

We hope to see you then,



This post was written by SeedInvest on July 19, 2012

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