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SeedInvest Goes West


Next week SeedInvest is heading west to present at a host of crowdfunding events in Las Vegas, San Diego and San Francisco. The first port of call will be the Crowdfunding Boot Camp in Las Vegas on Wednesday October 10, where SeedInvest CEO Ryan Feit will be representing the Crowdfunding Professional Association and joining other crowdfunding experts in sharing the how-to’s of establishing successful crowdfunding campaigns.

Next, SeedInvest will make its way to StartUp San Diego’s conference “Crowdfunding: California’s Next Gold Rush!” on Saturday October 13, where Ryan will present a workshop along with Sherwood Neiss on the Essentials of Crowdfunding. He will also be serving on the Crowdfunding panel which will advise budding entrepreneurs alongside Howard Leonhardt of Bioheart, Sherwood Neiss and David Drake of LDJ Capital.



SeedInvest will make its final stop on Monday October 15 at The Crowdfunding Conference in San Francisco, where SeedInvest has the honor of opening the event alongside Sherwood Neiss and Todd Anderson of Deal Flow Media, the host of this event. The Conference will showcase panel discussions that examine crowdfunding from a variety of perspectives, ranging from legal (Intellectual Property: Understanding Copyrights, Patents and Trademarks) to financial (Understanding Series A, B, and C Rounds of Capital) to global (Laws Based on Global Jurisdiction). With industry experts representing all fields present, like The Soho Loft’s David Drake and Jaye Scholl of Hedge Fund Association, to name a few, the Conference promises to be a valuable experience for all aspiring crowdfunders.

Education and foundation-building being the theme of this excursion, SeedInvest will visit the University of California in Los Angeles on October 11, and, so as not to exclude those in its native New York, will be guest lecturing via teleconference at a New York University class on crowdfunding on October 14.


This post was written by SeedInvest on October 3, 2012

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