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Sweet website. When can I see the rest?


So, it might be that the three of us coincidently surround ourselves by very inquisitive people, but after we announced our new look last week, we’ve been asked a lot of questions from people wanting to know just what the heck we’re up to!

“When can I see the goods?”

“Can I invest in any of the companies yet…when will that start to happen?”

“Ahhh, all the suspense is killing me!!”

Your interest is amazing and we’re incredibly grateful, but after some reflecting we realized that we haven’t done such a great job keeping you guys up to date with our progress. So here it goes.

Extreme Makeover

After weeks of late night “ideation” sessions, philosophical discussions on the meaning of UI and UX, overly complicated tag-line-decision-processes, and long meetings (longer than we care to admit) to decide font type, size, and color, we finally re-launched the SeedInvest site with a brand new look!

In addition to a snazzy new look, we’ve also baked in more functionality. What does that mean? Well, if you’re an entrepreneur, you can now submit an application for your company in order to get ready for funding. And if you’re a user, you can now connect your social media networks to your account and share SeedInvest and the power of equity crowdfunding with your network.

We are super excited to finally be able to share all this hard work with all of you and provide a taste of what is yet to come. Although we’re happy to be done with this first process, the journey is far from being over.

Beta is Greek for “We’re not quite finished, but here’s a sneak peek”

In a few weeks we will be launching our Beta site. Although the product team would kill me if I divulge any sensitive information on what the Beta site will look like (Ah, the excitement!), I can tell you we’re making sure we take our time to get everything right. We’re building a very unique experience that will allow you to connect and discover amazing companies for you to invest in. But I can’t say anything yet, nothing – only that it’s going to be awesome!

Which leads me to my second point, which is that the reason we can afford to take our time is that crowdfunding is, well, technically not yet legal. Yes, the JOBS Act was signed in to law back in April; however, the SEC is still busy writing the very important rules of crowdfunding. In fact, not until January 1st, 2013 will anyone be able to crowdfund. Our goal is to build the best crowdfunding experience by that date.

We (and by “we” I really mean Ryan) are working closely with all the organizations involved in the rule writing process and will update you on that process in another blog.

So there was our first of many updates that we hope to provide you in the coming weeks. We are also cooking up a ton of great initiatives that we hope to share with you soon.


This post was written by James Han on July 9, 2012

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