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From the Founder - SwitchPitch


Below is a guest post from SwitchPitch CEO, Michael Goldstein. SwitchPitch is raising capital on SeedInvest.

SwitchPitch is a marketplace for business development deals – aiming to be the LinkedIn for business development. Large companies post needs to early stage companies at SwitchPitch via our online platform – SwitchPitch Connect. We’re closing the gap between big companies and startups.

In the past, scrappy startups had trouble breaking into Corporate America, often repeatedly meeting with the wrong contacts and wasting precious time with a long sales cycle that rarely resulted in closed deals.


We developed a platform that enables big companies to post projects they can’t complete internally due to staffing and business development constraints. The projects range from nice-to-have ancillary needs to vexing problems with core business lines; and nimble startups can bid on the projects with cutting edge solutions.

SwitchPitch Connect has earned more than $3 Million in revenue for startups from big companies.


SwitchPitch is raising capital on SeedInvest.

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Startups develop innovative solutions using either their existing technology or custom-built solutions that play on their unique creativity. The startups post a bid, and a decision-maker at the bigger company is notified to visit the platform — similar to the way that Thumbtack operates.

There the bigger company will review the bid, keep the startup informed of the review process, and let the startup know if it is a finalist. The big company then sets up interviews, chooses a startup, and the deal gets done.


Our vision is a big one: to fundamentally change the way big and small companies work together. We are standardizing the business development process the way the HR industry is standardized – with clear projects, a marketplace for distribution, and a submission process for review. This is the formula for closing deals!

To learn more about SwitchPitch, visit SwitchPitch’s offering page: www.seedinvest.com/switchpitch/seed

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This post was written by James Han on September 16, 2016

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