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Tagasauris Closes Round on SeedInvest


Tagasauris, a platform used for tagging, categorizing, labeling and organizing media by combining algorithms with human intelligence, has closed a $900K fundraising round with the help of SeedInvest.

Tagasauris is the developer of a patent-pending human-assisted computing platform designed to “teach” computers the content of a picture or video and how that content relates to the rest of the web. This technology quickly and cost effectively turns ordinary visual content into rich searchable media at web-scale and is already being used by corporate customers such as Disney, AOL, and ABC. Clients benefit from improved engagement, traffic, and discoverability. The company employs experts in the fields of linked data, dynamic semantic publishing, and human-assisted computing and is championed by one of the original members of the Watson team at IBM.

“Tagasauris is well positioned with their platform to capitalize on the explosive growth potential of the emerging hyper media marketplace,” says SeedInvest investor Bart Rollert of Plan B Ventures. “We are excited to be a part of such an innovative company led by a solid management team of industry experts.”

“Tagasauris’ roots lay in crowdsourcing and human computation,” says Tagasauris CEO Todd Carter. “As such, our premise going into this round with SeedInvest was, “let’s eat our own dog food” and adopt a crowd-driven approach to financing Tagasauris. SeedInvest provided an ideal soapbox for Tagasauris to present its vision of an A.I. platform that bridges the gap between people and the overwhelming amount of visual content surrounding them online.”

SeedInvest Investment Director Aaron Kellner said, “Tagasauris is a more deeply technical company deal than some of the startups we have worked with in the past. We were eager to see how the SeedInvest investor base reacted to a B2B technology company. Because of the quality of the management team, it was easy from the start of the raise to visualize their success.”

Tagasauris will use the capital from this round to grow their team and scale their services.


This post was written by SeedInvest on September 6, 2016

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