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The Why Behind SeedInvest


We came together to form SeedInvest inspired by the power and impact that entrepreneurship has on our society. We view entrepreneurs as innovators, as dreamers, as the ones crazy enough to create something from nothing and change our world.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we experienced firsthand the difficulties of traditional capital raising. Access to capital has long been the biggest obstacle to growth for small businesses and startups. Talented entrepreneurs with incredible ideas should not be deterred because they do not already have access to the right people or wealthy family members to turn to.

By building a community of amazing entrepreneurs and investors, we hope to help more amazing companies succeed and see them shape, transform, and impact the world around us.

Over the next few months we will continue to work on building our community and bringing our vision to reality. SeedInvest is the culmination of all that we are passionate about – entrepreneurship, technology, and making a lasting impact.  And while it will certainly be challenging to put all the right pieces together and deliver the highest standard of quality, positive and incredible support from our mentors, advisors, friends and family, and people such as yourself keeps us working day and night to make SeedInvest an awesome platform for entrepreneurs everywhere.

We look forward to exploring and supporting the conversation around equity crowdfunding and hope you will join in our efforts.

– Ryan and the SeedInvest Team


This post was written by SeedInvest on May 16, 2012

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