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Campaign Spotlight: Gatsby, an options trading platform for a new generation of traders and SeedInvest’s most funded fintech deal so far


January 2021 was a whirlwind month for options trading as interest was triggered in part by a social media driven short squeeze on GameStop’s stock. Gatsby, an options trading platform for a new generation of traders, and SeedInvest’s most funded fintech deal to date, achieved record trading days during the final weeks of its SeedInvest campaign. Gatsby’s successful and oversubscribed round closed on Friday, February 12th and since then, the company has been featured by numerous publications like Forbes, TechCrunch, Grit Daily, and Pitchbook.

Recently, we sat down with Jeff Myers, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Gatsby, to learn more about his experience raising on SeedInvest and what the future has in store for the company. 

  • Amount Raised on SeedInvest: $5M
  • Offering Type: Reg A+
  • Round Size: $5M

SeedInvest: What led you to fundraise on the SeedInvest platform?
Jeff Myers: We heard interest from our community of traders in being a part of our journey, and we wanted to leave some allocation to accommodate them. This leads to sticky, evangelistic users. Additionally, on the other side, SeedInvest allowed us to engage with a community of potential Gatsby users, many of whom we saw both invest and convert into traders on our platform. Using SeedInvest provided a great opportunity to both grow our business and our user base.

SeedInvest: What was the greatest challenge you faced around fundraising?
Jeff Myers: We were lucky that we had a lot of interest. But typically getting all the materials together and having them audited takes time and distracts a company from its core vision. SeedInvest really helped to manage this process with us.

SeedInvest: If you could give one piece of advice to an entrepreneur looking to raise on SeedInvest what would it be?
Jeff Myers: Make sure you have the funnel to capture potentially interested investors as customers or clients of your product as well. Shareholders become the stickiest users.

SeedInvest: What’s next for Gatsby?
Jeff Myers: We are laser focused on rolling out new features and getting the product to be tight and polished. We’re working on rolling out additional options strategies (credit spreads, straddles, etc), as well as deeper research tools for more advanced traders. Additionally, we are looking to launch Gatsby Circles, which is a way to build groups of friends, follow each other’s trades, and refer friends to the app. We want Gatsby to be the perfect brokerage platform for both novices as well as sophisticated traders.

For more information about Gatsby, click here.


This post was written by Alexandra Tynion on April 2, 2021

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