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Campaign Spotlight: Pops, an AI medtech platform and glucometer

  • Amount Raised on SeedInvest: $550K+
  • Offering Type: Reg CF

Recently, we sat down with Lonny Stormo, Chairman and CEO of Pops, to learn more about his experience raising on SeedInvest and discuss next steps for the company.

SeedInvest: How did you find out about SeedInvest and what led you to choose this route of fundraising? 
Lonny Stormo: SeedInvest reached out to Pops.  I did my research on SeedInvest and felt like this looked like a good option for Pops to pursue to close out our note.  We are a healthcare company, and we feel like our solution fit SeedInvest well with our focus on consumer healthcare and diabetes.

SeedInvest: What did you most value about fundraising on SeedInvest, and working with our team? 
Lonny Stormo: The knowledge of the SeedInvest marketing person, and her excellence in working with our digital marketing person was like clockwork. We did a great job of getting the word out on Pops!=

SeedInvest: What was the greatest challenge you faced around fundraising? If you had to do it all over again, what would you approach differently? 
Lonny Stormo: Watching us build a funnel of followers but not seeing the majority of the actual investments until the last week.  We were told this would happen, but it is still difficult to wait for those investments to materialize. 

SeedInvest: What do you wish you had known going into the fundraising process on SeedInvest that you know now?
Lonny Stormo: The effort and expense that goes into marketing your raise. Continually coming up with new information to promote is something to be thought through in the beginning. 

SeedInvest: If you could give one piece of advice to an entrepreneur looking to raise on SeedInvest what would it be?
Lonny Stormo: Prepare the marketing journey. We created an interesting landing page for SeedInvest on our website and put together digital ads. We then worked with SeedInvest to plan out what our updates would look like throughout the campaign with a crescendo in the last week.

SeedInvest: Now that you’ve had a successful raise, what does the next few months look like for Pops?
Lonny Stormo: Focusing on our commercialization milestones for the 2nd half of 2021.  We believe this will set Pops up for a larger equity raise in 2022.   

For more information about Pops, click here.


This post was written by Alexandra Tynion on September 7, 2021

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