Founder Profile Series: Jonathan Cohen of 20/20 GeneSystems
February 1, 2019

Jonathan Cohen is the Founder and CEO of 20/20 GeneSystems, a digital diagnostics company with the core mission of reducing cancer mortality in the U.S….

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November 7, 2018

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One Equity Crowdfunding Platform Leverages Another to Democratize Energy Investing
August 13, 2018

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Founder Profile Series: Samuel Huber of Admix
June 19, 2018

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Founder Profile Series: Sharmi Albrechtsen of SmartGurlz
May 29, 2018

Robotics aficionado, educator, author, and mom, Sharmi Albrechtsen is CEO and Co-Founder of SmartGurlz, a robotics and software company focused…

Founder Profile Series: Cary Breese of NowRx
May 8, 2018

Cary Breese is the Founder and CEO of NowRx, which is currently raising a $7mm Series A round on SeedInvest…

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March 30, 2018

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March 13, 2018

It takes a leap of faith for a single mother to quit her job and start a company, but Whitney…

Founder Profile Series: Tom Chappell of Tom’s of Maine and Ramblers Way
February 23, 2018

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