Crateful is planning to lead the way for the next generation of meal delivery success stories: the “fully prepared,” gourmet meal plan, combining total convenience with great taste for effective dieting and healthy eating.

The Problem

Americans are increasingly obese and overweight (over ⅔ of the US population) and many busy urban professionals, new mothers, etc do not have a convenient, healthy, enjoyable way to lose weight and stay in shape.

From what we've noticed, there are not enough solutions in the market at the moment for the convenience-oriented discerning customer:

  • DIY Meal Kits (raw ingredients and recipes) can be inadequate since customers may be able to use it consistently for all daily meals.
  • Weight Loss programs offer poor food choices.
  • Shopping and portioning requires a lot of time and enormous motivation.

The Solution

Crateful has created a gourmet, organic, fully prepared portion-controlled meal delivery service, customizable for any dietary need, made fresh by award-winning chefs and delivered to the customer’s home every day.

Our goal is to provide truly convenient, seriously good food that makes dieting easy and enjoyable.

The Addressable Market

An estimated 45 million Americans go on a diet each year and spend $33 billion on weight-loss products and 77% of Americans say they are actively trying to eat healthier. However, the number of Americans who are overweight or obese is actually on the rise, with over 2/3 of Americans beyond the overweight threshold in 2017.

The reason is that diets are very hard to stick to, either because they are impractical (shopping, meal kits) or because the food doesn’t taste good and/or leaves people hungry and not feeling satisfied.

And while the meal delivery market (on demand and meal kits) has exploded, reaching $20 billion in 2017, it has clearly not found a solution yet.

With 88% of Americans willing to pay a premium for better quality, healthier food, the meal delivery experience needs to be seamless and truly enjoyable, so that dieting and healthy eating can be easy to accomplish.

As a digitally/ online native brand that combines high-quality, state of the art food preparation techniques with advanced meal customization and online marketing tools, Crateful aims to address all the needs of the market.

The VCs have poured billions of dollars building consumer awareness for meal kits, but the fully prepared meal delivery space has been completely overlooked. While it is a premium product, the customer experience is far superior in every other way. Customized meals for the whole day, and no prep or cleanup at all.

Furthermore, we believe we don't need that many customers to build a large business because the average amount of revenue per customer is relatively high. This is a promising category that is not on the radar screens of U.S. VCs.

What Customers Think Today:

  • "I tried four different meal delivery services and when I found Crateful I didn't need to look elsewhere! I have been using their services for five months now and super happy.
    - Armen (Customer; $15,000 purchased)
  • "Good food, good choice, impeccable delivery. Used the services twice for 40 days and lost more than 10 pounds each time!"
    - Johanna (Customer)
  • "Beyond expectation—truly amazing food! Beautifully presented with incredible flavors in each extremely high quality healthy meal. An amazing way to achieve fitness goals without giving up enjoying food."
    - Kimberly (Customer)
  • "Beautiful fresh meals that we looked forward to daily! They adhered to all dietary issues and took good care of us. Wonderful folks!"
    - Courtney & Frank (Customer)
  • "Hands down my favorite food delivery service that I have subscribed to. I have tried my share from .... Now to come to the food delivery service that takes the cake... Crateful!
    I'm so impressed with the quality of food, presentation, and inspiration built into the meal plans that you can order. I ordered the vegetarian option, mindful. Just looking at the biodegradable packaging, my mindful sticker, and my amazing food makes me smile…"
    - Malisa(Customer)

**The individuals above were not compensated in exchange for their testimonials. In addition, their testimonials should not be construed as and/or considered investment advice.