DoneGood is unleashing the world’s most powerful force for change: the dollars we all spend. With DoneGood it's easy to use your purchasing power to make the world better every time you shop online.


There’s been a fundamental shift in our economy. More and more people want to know that the money they spend supports things they believe in. Demand for ethically-sourced, fair trade, sustainable goods is growing rapidly.

But it can be really hard for this growing group of consumers to find what they need, when they need it, from a brand they know is doing good for people and the planet.


DoneGood is the online shopping platform that makes it quick, easy and affordable for these consumers to find the ethical and sustainable products they want—and know they can feel good about every purchase.

Two ways to use DoneGood to find products that make the world better:

1. DoneGood Laptop Plugin:  Download the free plugin instantly on your laptop—then just shop online like you normally would. When you search for products on Amazon or Google, or go to a big-name retailer’s website, the plugin automatically shows socially and environmentally responsible brands that have the kind of product you're looking for, right along the side of your screen.

2. The DoneGood shopping website:  Easily find thousands of products from hundreds of mission-driven brands all in one place. Quickly find anything from a ski hat that reduces poverty to a toothbrush that fights climate change. Forbes called it the “the Amazon of social good.”

DoneGood users also get access to exclusive discounts on products from DoneGood’s partner brands.

So you can get higher quality products, save money, and make the world better—just by getting something you needed to buy anyway!

Traction Highlights

Over 140 paying partner brands that do good for people and the planet on the DoneGood platform.

  • Includes big names like Patagonia and Warby Parker.
  • Brands contact us every week asking to become a paying DoneGood partner.  
  • Brands report that DoneGood users convert to buyers at higher rates than their normal web visitors.

Nearly tripled user community across the DoneGood platform from January to June 30, 2018 to over 100,000

Cross-promotional partnerships with major organizations like 1% for the Planet, Rain Forest Alliance, B Lab, Free the Slaves.

Founded "Shop for Good Sunday," the alternative to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. A day to shop with social impact brands and use your holiday spending to make a positive impact in people's lives.

  • DoneGood led this coordinated marketing campaign with over 50 companies and major non-profits.
  • Resulted in 270 million organic online impressions.

Featured in major news outlets like the Washington Post, Forbes, CNBC, WIRED, Mashable, Fast Company, many more.

Incubated at Harvard’s Innovation Lab

Won cash awards at Harvard and MIT startup competitions


We’re proud of all those accomplishments—but we’re most proud of the impact our users and partner brands are making!

DoneGood users have made hundreds of thousands of dollars in purchases from brands committed to doing good for people and the planet.  Each of those purchases  helps to prove that businesses can be successful and do the right thing at the same time.

We started DoneGood because we believe that the dollars we all spend can be the world's most powerful force for change.  Americans gave $390 billion to charity last year—but we spent spent $130 Trillion buying stuff. If even a fraction of that spending can also help reduce poverty, fight climate change, and otherwise do good for people and the planet, the impact is huge!  

DoneGood is a Certified B Corporation and is a 2018 B Corp “Best for the World’” awardee.