Life, distilled: Premium denim + luxury essentials. No retail markup.

Of the $225BN US apparel market, Fast Fashion leaders Uniqlo, H&M, and Zara have a market capitalization of $200BN combined. Moreover, $80BN of all apparel and accessory sales are currently happening online, with $50BN in apparel predicted to move online in the next four years. As a digitally native brand that combines Fast Fashion affordability with Premium (Contemporary) quality and experience — delivered via a data-driven omni-channel platform, DSTLD is  at the forefront of the growing e-commerce movement (with online sales set to grow 20%+ in the next four years, compared to just 10% six years ago). Our goal is to combine utility, quality, and a contemporary aesthetic to remove the guesswork in getting dressed. We like to say "There’s a reason why Mark Zuckerberg wears the same thing everyday."

Our LA-based brand launched in 2014 under the premises that ethically produced, well-crafted clothing shouldn’t cost so much, and that Fast Fashion is an excessive and unsustainable industry. Inspired by the creatives that constitute Los Angeles, filmmakers, writers, entrepreneurs, artists, and designers, Corey Epstein and Mark Lynn set out to build a contemporary brand based on the modern uniform they saw around them: Jeans, t-shirts, and other luxury-level basics no person can live without.

DSTLD’s approach to modernize retail, and fundraising, has generated returns: we have been able to efficiently allocate resources from our first Regulation A+ raise ($1.7M) toward marketing and key hires to bring our current lifetime sales to over $10M, up from $3M in June of 2016, for a compounded annual growth rate of 194%. And in the last year alone, DSTLD's monthly sales have grown by 186%. Additionally, DSTLD continues to acquire customers, selling more than 134.4k items to over 50.4k customers, yielding a 208% compounded annual growth rate since inception. We've also boosted customer’s average order value by 8% through our ability to efficiently go to market in a diverse number of higher priced categories, like accessories, outerwear, leather goods, silk, cashmere, and wool.

What the Press is Saying

“The Best Figure Flattering Denim” VOGUE

“A pair of premium, quite perfectly cut jeans.” GQ

“Meet the denim company that will change your life (and wardrobe) for good.”AOL

“Our favorite denim brand just released our favorite new jacket” InsideHook

“The Best New Jeans for Men” Men’s Journal

"The DSTLD team has developed incredible fit technology that emphasizes 'body-mapping'." ELLE 

"I can truly say that the style hugged my curves in all the right places." PopSugar

Customer & Investor Feedback*

"The first time I tried on my DSTLD jeans, I was immediately hooked by the quality, fit, and convenience. I have yet to find a pair of jeans thats fits better.Wesley T. | Investor | Customer since December 2015

"DSTLD is taking the art of style and simplicity to a whole other level." David | Investor | Customer since May 2015

"They are the most comfortable and soft jeans I've encountered. An absolutely fabulous job on the jeans, one can see and feel the quality that has gone into them." Garrett M. | Customer since September 2015

"Great quality jeans. I never thought I'd find a pair that I love as much as my AG jeans, but these have surpassed my expectations. The skinny Black Powerstretch pair is my favorite -- great stretch without it loosening up too much and giving a baggy butt look. After several washes the black has not faded at all. Customer service is superb." Christina O. | Customer since November 2014

"Your jeans are simply the best and I want more." Shea L. | Customer since September 2015

"A unique product line that stands out above the rest with quality and design. " Andy B. | Investor | Customer since May 2016

"DSTLD is the fabric of America, with quality made staples for any wardrobe. The best investment is one that you use and becomes a staple in everyone's life, DSTLD has that product. " Robert H. | Investor | Customer since July 2016

"The clothing industry is ripe for re-imagination and DSTLD is forging that path."  Joe C. | Investor | Customer since October 2014

"In an industry where fast fashion dominates, it's refreshing to have a brand that's focused on providing stylish, high-quality and affordable clothing." John P. | Investor | Customer since September 2016

*Disclaimer: The above individuals were not compensated in exchange for their testimonials. In addition, their testimonials should not be construed as and/or considered investment advice.