• SeedInvest’s due diligence process is no guarantee of success or future results. All investors should carefully review each investment opportunity and cancel their subscription within the allotted time-frame if they do not feel comfortable making any specific investment based on their own DD. Learn more about due diligence on the SeedInvest Blog (https://www.seedinvest.com/blog/angel-investing/how-to-assess-an-investment) and our vetting process in our FAQs (https://intercom.help/seedinvest/en/).

  • SeedInvest’s selection criteria does not suggest higher quality investment opportunities nor does it imply that investors will generate positive returns in investment opportunities on SeedInvest. Learn more about due diligence on the SeedInvest Blog (https://www.seedinvest.com/blog/angel-investing/how-to-assess-an-investment) and our vetting process in our FAQs (https://intercom.help/seedinvest/en/).

  • Diversification is only across multiple early-stage investment opportunities within the asset class. There is no guarantee that this program will lead to a well-balanced portfolio of companies across industry types or stages across the asset class. In addition, enrolling in this program will not lead to diversification across your entire investment portfolio. In order to achieve diversification, we do not recommend you allocate more than 10% of your entire investment portfolio to alternative assets.

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Work at SeedInvest

Build the future of online fundraising and investing.


Together, we’re on a mission to raise global economic prosperity.

Valuing our employees as stakeholders is about creating an environment where people can thrive and grow, be challenged and learn constantly – an environment that thrives on diversity by drawing competitive strength from within.


We Are Doers

We move quickly, cut through excessive process, and take smart shortcuts to get the job done while keeping scalability and quality in mind at all times. We take pride in our work and in everything we tackle.


We Are Passionate

We're a fast moving team motivated by our mission, which is why we have high expectations of ourselves, each other, and the entire team. Our drive comes from our desire to be the best at what we do.


We Are Remote First

Our employees cross a variety of timezones. Through Slack trivia contests, virtual happy hours, and online meetups we stay connected, learn from each other, and build lasting relationships with the people we work with.

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Our Values


As an institution, we exist in a broad stakeholder context, which means that we must organize, incentivize and measure ourselves against meeting the needs of all of our stakeholders — our customers, our shareholders, our employees and families, our local communities and our world.

Our Values


We seek to be present and aware, to be respectful, active listeners (with each other and with our customers alike), and to pay attention to detail. We don’t rush to judgement, and when we are swept up by strong emotions we patiently observe and acknowledge them and try to not just react. Our mindfulness leads to better understanding, and more respectful, careful and deliberate choices.

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Our Values

Driven By Excellence

We are driven by our mission and our passion for customer success. Being driven also means that we relentlessly pursue excellence, that we do not tolerate mediocrity, that we reward based on merit, and that we work intensely to achieve our goals. Being driven doesn’t mean that we are assholes and plough over people or tolerate a culture of aggressiveness. We are a team. Part of our drive is to bring everyone along in our collective achievement.

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Our Values

High Integrity

We seek open and honest communication, and hold ourselves to very high moral and ethical standards. When we say we will do something, we do it. When we are having difficulty and need help, we talk about it. We treat each other and our customers with the utmost respect. We reject manipulation, dishonesty and intolerance. We welcome vulnerability and uncertainty, which needs to be listened to in order to bring people along, and helps us to constantly learn and improve.

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Perks & Benefits


Paid time off

We offer flexible paid time off — take what you need as long as it works with you and your team, and all SeedInvest employees get mobile phone and home office reimbursements.


Health coverage

No matter where you live, we offer a market competitive suite of benefits. Enroll in health, dental, vision, disability, and life insurances, and SeedInvest covers some or all of the premiums.


Invested in your future

All full-time employees enjoy 401(k) and pensions (with a 3% company match), and share Circle and SeedInvest's success via stock option grants.


Learning & development

Your individual growth and development is important to us and we provide the resources to help you grow your career while at SeedInvest.

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What our employees are saying

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"Working at SeedInvest brings a new challenge every day, but no matter what, you know that your work is directly helping founders grow their companies."

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Lauren Fong

Manager, Venture Growth
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“I chose to work at SeedInvest because I believe there are great startup ideas all over the world but many barriers existing in our legacy financial frameworks."

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Sobhon Khairy

Associate, Venture
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“I am genuinely interested in crowdfunding, so learning on a deeper level with the resources at SeedInvest has been so fulfilling."

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Sydnie Hersh

Analyst, Operations