By focusing on improving home infrastructure, Keen Home innovates in largely overlooked areas of the home.

For a homeowner, their home is most often their most valuable asset—it is a place where they have heavily invested both financially and emotionally.

Keen Home develops proactive hardware and software products to protect and enhance a home's core systems. Keen Home aims to make products that provide homeowners with increased comfort, improved efficiency, and a better maintained home.

The company's first product, the Smart Vent System, controls a home's heating and cooling airflow on a room-by-room level, which studies show results in improved comfort and efficiency. The Smart Vent launched in Lowe's Home Centers in November 2015 and began shipping to customers the following month. Keen Home sold out of their first 30,000 units within 10 months of launching, a huge milestone for a startup.

Keen Home believes its software platform will serve as an innovative proactive home health dashboard while offering partners data for lead generation, actuarial insight for risk pricing, and control for peak load management.

Company Mission

Keen Home strives for a future where all homes can take care of their occupants—a future that restores one’s home to a place of peace and sanctuary.

By deploying beautiful, innovative hardware and software products at scale, Keen Home believes it will give its users peace of mind and provide business partners valuable data.

Metrics and Momentum

  • Keen Home has sold over 35,800 Smart Vents and grossed over $2.6M in revenue in the 12 months since launch. 
  • Current distribution in over 500 Lowe's Home Improvement Centers and in 95 Best Buy stores throughout the US.
  • Launched their second product, the Smart Filter, in August 2016. Smart Filters come in four sizes and attach to the Smart Vents a homeowner already has.
  • Recurring revenue program with the Keen Home Smart Filter and Keen Air Care subscription expected to launch early 2017. 
  • Keen Home has strategic partnerships with Google’s Nest and Samsung’s SmartThings.
  • Integration with Ecobee's smart thermostat launching this winter.
  • Keen Home’s co-founders appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank in February 2015 and received one of the highest valued offers in the show’s history from Robert Herjavec—who is now an advisor to the company. 
  • Keen Home has raised more than $4.4M in financing from such high profile investors as Techstars Ventures, Galvanize Ventures, R/GA Ventures, and American Family Ventures. 
  • Keen Home believes the dual value propositions of comfort and energy efficiency helps the Smart Vent stand out in the smart home category.
  • Strong repeat purchase behavior: customers often try the product by buying 1-2, then purchases 4-6 more after a few months.

Investor Testimonials

“Keen Home is not a vent company it’s a tech company. I believed in them when I saw them in the Tank, and they have expanded beyond my vision. I am very optimistic about their potential.” - Robert Herjavec

"As an early investor in Keen Home, I was impressed with the team and the vision for the company. Today, I feel they have executed flawlessly which, in my investing experience, rarely happens." - Andrew Mitchell, Brand Foundry Ventures

"A rare instance where I am not sure if I prefer the team or the concept. Both are exceptional." - Russell Rosenblum, RMR Capital

 "As an early investor in Keen Home, I have marveled at their ability to execute and deliver on their promises to customers. The connected device space is full of pretenders, and Keen Home has shown the rare ability to launch a smart product at scale and forge high profile strategic partnerships along the way. I can't wait to see what this team will accomplish in the future!" - Michael Wolf, Blazer Ventures

"An intelligent vent is a great market opportunity with a team that has executed to date means this is a great investment." - Nicole Glaros, Techstars Ventures