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About LendIt Europe 2017

LendIt Europe is an excellent marketing and business development platform for companies looking to increase brand awareness, generate leads or launch a new product. Network with 1,200+ decision-makers from over 50 countries for two action-packed days at LendIt Europe. Take advantage of the numerous sponsorship opportunities at this truly global conference!

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Attending LendIt Europe 2017?

Get the most out of the event and pre-register for office hours with SeedInvest companies raising at LendIt Europe 2017. Sign up for your availability and we will follow-up with information on the companies participating.

Get the most out of the event and register for office hours with a company raising at LendIt Europe 2017. Sign up for your availability and a founder will follow-up with a scheduled confirmation.

About SeedInvest

About SeedInvest

SeedInvest is a leading equity crowdfunding platform that provides individual investors with access to highly vetted startup investment opportunities. SeedInvest has had over 15,000 startups apply to raise capital since inception and has only accepted ~1% of those companies to feature on the platform.

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Event Schedule

Startup Applications

Startup Applications

September 11 - September 26

Startups can now raise capital online while participating in high profile demo days and events. Show your customers your legitimacy by attending leading tech demo days and sponsored events. At the event, you may have the opportunity to pitch in front of a live audience and connect with investors in person.

1. Complete Startup Application
To complete the application, you will need your business model, financials, and pitch deck on hand.

2. Prepare Your Fundraise
Work with us to complete the filing process and start building your profile to attract investors.

3. Raise Capital Online
Direct your customers and investors at the event to your fundraising profile during the event.

Investor Pre-Registration

Investor Pre-Registration

September 26 - October 9

Startups participating in Live fundraising at LendIt Europe 2017 are announced the day of the event. Companies who participated in past events have had to turn away investments because the offering was oversubscribed. Pre-register to quickly and easily invest in the startups and guarantee a spot in their Live fundraise.

1. Create A SeedInvest Account
Signup with SeedInvest to gain access to early-stage private investment opportunities.

2. Create An Investor Account
Pre-register by creating an investor account to quickly and easily invest during the event.

3. Mark Your Calendar To Invest
After pre-registering, you will be subscribed to the event and get a first look at the companies participating.

LendIt Europe 2017

LendIt Europe 2017

October 9 - October 10

Companies participating in LendIt Europe 2017 are announced and will accept Live investments. Those Live investment opportunities will appear above. Whether you're attending the event, or at home, investors can easily invest by clicking the “Invest” button on the list of companies. Make more out of your experience and connect with our SeedInvest team by scheduling an office hour visit during the event.

1. Browse Live Startups
Explore all of the Live investment opportunities at LendIt Europe 2017 above.

2. Do Your Homework
View the company's profile by clicking “More” and do your own due diligence to mitigate risks.

3. Make An Investment
Click the “Invest” button and follow the steps to complete your investment.

Continue Investing

Continue Investing

October 10 - TBD

Missed out on investing during the event? No problem. Companies Live fundraising will still be accepting investments after the event. Want to see more from the companies who participated at LendIt Europe 2017? Make sure to attend SeedInvest's Digital Demo Day to get more on these companies.

1. Browse Live Startups
Explore all of the Live investment opportunities at LendIt Europe 2017 above.

2. Do Your Homework
View the company's profile by clicking “More” and do your own due diligence to mitigate risks.

3. Make An Investment
Click the “Invest” button and follow the steps to complete your investment.

Company Success Stories


$9,000,000 Raised

  • Raised $1.5 million on SeedInvest in early 2014 and came back to raise $7.5 million on SeedInvest through Reg A+ two years later.
  • The company secured the first $2.5 million of its Reg A+ round in just 24 hours from ~500 investors.

$3,000,000 Raised

  • Historic side-by-side round: $2 million raised from accredited investors through Reg D and $1 million raised through Reg CF.
  • In addition to the $3 million raised, the company’s Reg CF was oversubscribed by another $700,000 that had to be turned away.

Robotics · $20,000,000 Raised

  • Autonomous security robots providing security professionals advanced detection capabilities.
  • Investors include NTT DOCOMO Ventures, Konica Minolta, Plug and Play, Flex Lab IX, and Wilson Sonsini.
Keen Home

$5,000,000 Raised

  • Exceeded $3 million raised from 1,700 investors through one of the first Reg A+ Mini-IPO campaigns on SeedInvest.
  • Have raised more than $5M in financing from Techstars Ventures, Galvanize Ventures, R/GA Ventures, and American Family Ventures.

E-Commerce · $2,300,000+ Raised


Real Estate · $450,000 Raised


Hardware · $720,000 Raised


Blockchain · $1,500,000 Raised

Find Us At LendIt Europe 2017

Ryan Feit

SeedInvest Team Member

Aaron Kellner

SeedInvest Team Member

Join us at LendIt Europe 2017 this October.

LendIt and SeedInvest are partneringpartnered to fund early-stage startups. Apply to raise capital from Angels, VCs, and the crowd at LendIt Europe 2017 on SeedInvest. Pre-register to get a first look at the startups fundraising at LendIt Europe 2017 and easily invest on opening day. Find and invest in live investment opportunities at LendIt Europe 2017 below. Have a look at the startups that participated in live investing at LendIt Europe 2017 below. This profile is in preview mode and viewable only by staff. Please make sure all fields are filled out correctly.