LISNR changes the way consumers experience audio by turning what has been a passive experience into an interactive engagement platform. LISNR allows audio to passively trigger fan/consumer interactions using a mobile device during the listening experience. Currently, lisnr provides musicians with a new way to engage with their fans and provides advertisers a new way to partner with musicians through their music. Lisnr plans to scale multiple verticals, bringing the same kind of interaction to all forms of audio engagement including live events, broadcast television and film. Lisnr is a portfolio company of P&G supported marketing-tech accelerator Cintrifuse. Follow them at @lisnr or lisnr.com/

The Lisnr app will “listen” passively in the background for an inaudible frequency that is layered on top of the audio file and upon identification, deliver relevant content to the mobile user. Lisnr will work with all content creators to explore our technology to create second screen experiences. Specifics include Andorid, iOs platform and white label SDK's and API for both platforms. Windows 8 additionally in development.