LiveNinja's mission is to make communicating with brands as simple and as personable as chatting with a friend.

About LiveNinja

Let's face it: the way we communicate as a society has changed dramatically. Through texting, real-time messaging, photos, and video chat, they way we communicate has never been more convenient and engaging. However, with all of that innovation existing on the consumer side, why do businesses still force customers to call a 1-800 number?

At LiveNinja, our mission is to make communicating with brands as simple and personable as talking to a friend. LiveNinja's collection of real-time applications help brands better engage and educate their customers directly in mediums that customer's are already used to. 

Since inception, we have continued to evolve our product with one main goal in mind: to revolutionize communication between businesses and individuals.

One of the main advantages LiveNinja provides is that it allows businesses to interact with their customers in both digital and physical locations. Our web application is a simple, user-friendly video chat tool that allows any brand to give customers a personalized, enjoyable, and face-to-face shopping experience directly on their website. LiveNinja's retail solution brings the best of the digital world to the physical by giving customers the ability to connect with experts from any retail location via a video chat kiosk. 

Moving forward, we will continue to focus on enhancing the way businesses communicate with customers. In January of 2016, we will be launching the next evolution of LiveNinja: an omni-channel chat experience that allows users to chat with brands via SMS, mobile, email, text, audio, and video chat all in one place.

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Team Story

When we started LiveNinja in 2012, we set out on a mission to use real-time technology to enhance the way individuals communicate with businesses online. Our journey is a unique one, filled with many lessons learned about how customers prefer to communicate with brands.

LiveNinja began in 2012 as a platform that connected individuals from all over the world via video chat. Within months, we had thousands of live video chat sessions occur on the platform, and featured over 3,000 experts across a variety of fields — music, art, therapy, venture capital, fitness, and more — all sharing their knowledge on the site. It turned out that while we'd built a really robust tool for people to chat with their clients, more and more of our experts preferred to have that technology on their *own* websites, rather than ours. After receiving tons of feedback, it became clear to us that it was less about LiveNinja's Marketplace itself, and more about empowering experts and businesses to unlock their true potential, and to reach more customers.

In 2014, we launched our embeddable web application to test these waters. LiveNinja's web application is meant to connect businesses with their customers through live video interactions directly on their website. With this product, we became lucky enough to partner with some innovative companies who constantly challenged us to come up with new ways to reach their customers throughout every single part of their purchasing journey.

About a year later, Apple approached us looking for a video chat solution for their retail stores. They were looking to implement live video support kiosks in their partner retail locations in South America to engage, educate, and personalize the shopping experience for their in-store visitors. So in the summer of 2015, we delivered video chat kiosks to Apple (which will be deployed in stores in Brazil in the coming months). Recently, we have made this product available to the public and have already gained a new client, Dyson.

Together, our web application and the Kiosk solution help to create the omni-channel experience for both brands and consumers. However, the omni-channel experience does not end there. We realized that as we scaled it out, these products do not fully satisfy a business' omni-channel needs. We used what we learned in helping us create a messaging system that adds value to both the business and the customer.

As consumers, the way we prefer to communicate has evolved so rapidly. We now text, video chat, and exchange photos more so than ever before. However, businesses are still requiring that consumers reach with them via outdated methods such as phone and email. 

As we have come to better understand this, we have redefined our mission: We are on a mission to make communicating with brands as simple and personable as talking to a friend.

Over the last few months, we have begun building out the next version of LiveNinja - a simple, secure messaging application that allow customers to chat with brands via any channel that they prefer.

We believe that the future of customer service looks as easy as opening up the LiveNinja application on any mobile device, searching for a desired brand, and sending that business a direct message via text, audio, video, photo-sharing – essentially by any means the consumer prefers.

We invite you to check out our 2.0 product screenshots attached in our profile to get a glimpse of how LiveNinja will attempt to revolutionize communication between businesses and consumers.  

Founders and Officers

Key Team Members

Jared Husch


Michael Chacon

VP of Product

Raul Velazquez

Office Manager

Christin Whitener

Business Development

Jordy Kirkman

Lead Application Developer

Aaron Eckhart

iOS Developer

Carolina Leon

Director of Marketing

Don Richard

Business Development

Jon Kirkman

VP of Engineering

Miles Varghese

VP of Business Development

Sarah Wood

Customer Success Manager

Aris Olay

Senior Front End Developer

Danielle Ungermann

Director of Community

Notable Advisors & Investors

Shaman Iii Llc
Giuliano Stiglitz
Tigre Wenrich
Scout Ventures
Marco Giberti
Andrew Sturner
Jun Gao
Small Pond Ventures
Anzu Partners
Virtual Portal Ventures
Grove Prospects Llc
Dad Neos
Sln Associates
Lunar Logic Inc
Odeon Holdings
Top Floor Llc
James Han
Brian Prezgay
Dan Saltman
Jay Weintraub

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