Patheos, Inc. was germinated in the summer of 2008 with the founding ethos of trying to provide “something different, something better.” Patheos explicitly recognized that while there were hundreds of religion websites, none of them were truly meeting the needs of the marketplace, either because they were focusing on one religion or they had a site that was lacking in content, presentation and professionalism. Patheos.com officially launched in May 2009.

Patheos, which combines the Greek word for God “theos” with “path,” has set out to be both credible and consumable. Patheos has achieved this by synthesizing the best of media, religion and academic sites to provide a unique set of resources to learn, understand and interact about one’s own faith, as well as the faiths of others.

The creation of an audience and content distribution platform focused on religion and spirituality, the last unclaimed content area of the Internet, brings large business opportunities, but also huge responsibilities. In a world sorely lacking balance and dialogue, Patheos is passionate about delivering on its promise of hosting meaningful and balanced conversations across all faiths and religions.