The Largest Equity Crowdfunding Platform
SeedInvest is the largest equity crowdfunding platform in the U.S., representing 52% of the total U.S. equity crowdfunding market last year.

Raise The Money You Need To Grow
The companies on SeedInvest raised 89% more than the industry average in 2017.

Invested In Your Success
SeedInvest earns success-based compensation in cash and equity at the close of your fundraise to make sure that our long-term interests are aligned with yours.

However, when you drill down and look at what really matters - how much money the average campaign raises - the data reveals something powerful...If your priority is simply to raise the most money possible, try SeedInvest.”

Equity crowdfunding and VC aren't mutually exclusive... just look at a few of the other investors on our portfolio companies' cap tables.

SeedInvest works across industries to help you raise more.

Regardless of your company’s sector, from AI to IoT, restaurants to robots, SeedInvest likely already has experience raising capital in your space.

How much does it cost to raise capital on SeedInvest?

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If you raise $0 on SeedInvest at a {{ variables.valuation }} valuation, you pay nothing and we’ll eat the costs.

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Cost Highlights

  • Placement fee: 7.5% of what you raise on SeedInvest.
  • Equity fee: 5.0% of what you raise on SeedInvest.
  • Only pay if your fundraise is successful.
  • Up to $3,000 of accounting fees reimbursed upon campaign launch

SeedInvest will cover up-front costs including escrow account setup, legal review and filing fees. Upon a successful raise, SeedInvest is reimbursed at closing. Otherwise, SeedInvest will eat the costs.

We do this by giving founders more fundraising options.

Operating at the speed of startup.

No need to spend months securing a term sheet, begin marketing your fundraise in as little as a few weeks

Join more than 250 companies who have already raised successfully.

SeedInvest is filled with investors and entrepreneurs that are passionate about building future innovation. They are accomplished individuals that invest in each other, support the community, and share their strengths to make the collective stronger. We are built by people like you.

Cary Breese

CEO, NOWRX · raised $7,000,000

“The enthusiastic response from the SeedInvest community has been fantastic, providing strong validation of the NowRx story and the truly massive opportunity that exists to disrupt pharmacy. After two successful crowdfunding rounds, SeedInvest has become an invaluable partner, enabling startups like NowRx to take their offerings directly to the crowd, while giving their investors ready access to highly vetted companies.”  

Bill Gross


“It was great to get direct feedback from investors who shared the passion for my business. And it was great to get business leads and introductions from this new set of investors, beyond what those on my board could bring … I wish I had known about SeedInvest earlier. I have already recommended SeedInvest to several other companies, and look forward to working with SeedInvest again personally as well.”  

William Santana Li

FOUNDER, KNIGHTSCOPE · raised $20,000,000

“For those entrepreneurs seeking a 48-hour clock because there is just not enough time in the day, you need to seriously consider having the SeedInvest team give you back some time so you can focus on building your dreams.”  

David Kaplan

Co-Founder and CEO, Death & Co · raised $2,000,000

“Crowdfunding wasn’t really on our radar, we weren’t really aware of it as a route and we really fell in love with the people at SeedInvest and the idea and ultimately the idea that we could have our investor base made up of the people that have supported us this entire time: our fans, our customers. ”  

Join more than 250 companies who have already raised successfully

SeedInvest is filled entrepreneurs that are passionate about building future innovation. They are accomplished individuals that invest in each other, support the community, and share their strengths to make the collective stronger. We are built by people like you.

William Santana Li

FOUNDER, KNIGHTSCOPE · raised $2,000,000

“For those entrepreneurs seeking a 48-hour clock because there is just not enough time in the day, you need to seriously consider having the SeedInvest team give you back some time so you can focus on building your dreams.”  

Jan Goetgeluk

FOUNDER, Virtuix · raised $7,300,000

“Even I didn’t expect such a groundswell of support going into this whole process. Just the sheer volume of people and interest that seem to be within reach through equity crowdfunding is remarkable and very promising.”  

Brian Shimmerlik

FOUNDER, VENGO · raised $700,000

“SeedInvest raised me over $700k quickly, enabling me to spend less time fundraising and more time running my business.”  

Michael Dunworth

FOUNDER, Snapcard · raised $675,000

“Any founder that doesn't use SeedInvest is missing the boat, literally. There's not one excuse I could hear that justifies not using the platform. Raising capital is the most time consuming exercise for a founder and it comes usually at the most important times of early stage companies. ”  

Let’s see if SeedInvest is a fit for your raise.

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How does SeedInvest make money?

SeedInvest will pay certain upfront costs related to escrow, operational, due diligence, and legal fees (reimbursed at closing). We only make money if your fundraise is successful:

  • $0 retainer
  • SeedInvest will pay certain upfront costs related to escrow set up, legal review, and filing fees (reimbursed at closing) – in the event the raise is unsuccessful, SeedInvest will eat these costs.
  • SeedInvest will reimburse up to $3,000 of accounting fees (if applicable) upon campaign launch.
  • 7.5% placement fee on funds raised through SeedInvest ($37,500 assuming $500,000 raised).
  • 5% equity fee on funds raised through SeedInvest ($25,000 assuming $500,000 raised).
Will I run into other issues with lots of small shareholders?

The SeedInvest platform provides tools and options to help effectively manage your cap table, shareholder reporting and communications, both during and after your raise.

What documents will I have to create to raise from the crowd?

For companies conducting Reg CF offerings, SeedInvest helps companies prepare their Form C, a disclosure document that must be filed with the SEC and includes an overview of your company and fundraise, as well as working with its accounting partners to prepare reviewed financials, an overview of the financial state of your startup.

What kind of legal documents do you use?

SeedInvest investors invest via a set of standard documents (convertible notes, preferred equity, or Crowd Notes) tailored to raising capital online, which ensures they receive the same economic benefit as traditional investors while greatly facilitating shareholder management.

How will SeedInvest help me promote my campaign?

Our Venture Growth team provides marketing assistance from day one, starting by assisting you with your campaign profile, hosting digital and live investor events across the U.S., promoting your campaign to our database of more than 575,000 investors, and providing strategic assistance around: Landing pages, Email, Press, Content, Advertising, and Social Media

How will SeedInvest support me aside from helping me fundraise?

Unlike most equity crowdfunding platforms, SeedInvest is an active, hands-on partner supporting all aspects of your raise:

  • A dedicated onboarding team will help you complete the filing process (as applicable) and pull together your fundraising profile ahead of launching your campaign.
  • A committed investment team will help you build your investor funnel and market your campaign during your fundraise.
  • SeedInvest offers standard legal documents which are widely accepted by investors, potentially resulting in savings of $25K-$50K in legal costs.
  • SeedInvest owns and operates its own licensed broker-dealer which enables us to help structure the terms of your round and engage directly with potential investors on your behalf.
  • SeedInvest will help manage and facilitate all investor voting, reporting, and communication after your fundraise.
  • SeedInvest will help distribute quarterly reports to those who invest through the SeedInvest platform.
  • If applicable, SeedInvest will help distribute annual K-1 documents and any other tax documents relating to your raise.
  • If applicable, SeedInvest will assist with the preparation of your Form C/A and file them on behalf of your company.