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Imagine all your music, in any room and every room in the home, using any and every device you have - phones, tablets, computers, smartwatches, even fitbits. Not just you - your friends, guests, parents, kids, brothers, sisters - everyone would be part of this music utopia. Right there in your own home. And music would be social again. You could share music, check out what others are playing, collaboratively build up a party and pump up that party in every room, on every speaker systems. Whether it’s a hip hop party, an EDM house party or a classical wine and dine, all your music is right there - every streaming service, every music file on any computer or phone blasting on every speaker system in every room.

That’s ROCKI. All Your Music, From Every Phone, To All Speakers, For Everyone.

ROCKIis the first, and presently only company to have developed a WIFI Music streaming system (hardware + software + ecosystem) for the mass market (sub-$50 price point)

ROCKI PLAY is designed and developed based on 3 fundamental principals : 1) Compact & Simple 2) Open Standards 3) Mass Market (sub-$50 price point). We strongly believe these 3 key fundamentals is what is neccessary to bring WIFI Streaming to the mass market. The ROCKI PLAY enables everyone to easily turn their existing stereos into a modern day WIFI Streaming Speaker. 

ROCKI PLAY has a unique market position since it allows streaming services (Spotify, Google) into every existing speaker in the market. Music streaming services are suddenly able to massively enlarge their user base in any existing speakers. We will be leveraging this unique advantage by creating bundling solutions.

ROCKI has a complete all-in solution for speaker manufacturers to instantly create Wifi Streaming Speakers: a compact board powered by ROCKI's very own SoC (System On Chip) together with a suite of apps and music streaming services. Home Audio manufacturers can now leverage ROCKI's expertise in streaming and allow them to continue doing what they do best - creating awesome sound. At ROCKI, we see a wave of diverse WIFI Streaming Speakers coming soon into the market, at every imaginable price range, powered by ROCKI Inside.

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Team Story

Hi, we are Nick and Dennis - the founders of ROCKI. In Feb 2013, we made the decision that the time is right, the world needs such a utopia and we’ll be the ones who can do it. We’ve known each other for 10 years through lanparty (geek parties in an era way before hackathons) and have worked together for 5 years. We’re self confessed product geeks with deep roots in community driven innovation.

Our combined experience:

  • Market launch one of the world’s firsts MP3 player in 1998, pre-ipod days, back when a 32mb player (capable of storing 8 songs) would retail for US$300. That was the start digital delivery of media that we know today. That long history of understanding how the usage of digital media evolved and developed over the years is unique.
  • Developed and launched a successful brand of Digital Media Players (Roku-like devices) using community-driven innovation and community-driven market growth. Achieved a revenue growth from $2m to $12m within 2 years, with a 42% market share at its peak.
  • Over 20 years of extensive practical experience with manufacturing in China.
  • Built ROCKI up with Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding, backed by 12 years of experience with community led innovation - it’s in our DNA.
  • A clear understanding of consumer wants (what is the goal) and industry hierarchy (how to get there). So you will see in the ROCKI ecosystem - a combination of consumer products and industry solutions.
  • Our experience and taste for design, software and hardware is also a unique combination which you can see being embodied in ROCKI

The idea that users wanted a simple and affordable music streaming system was first clear to us in 2010 when Nick and Dennis (the founders) were working together on a media streaming player (well known brand in Europe & Asia). After going separate ways, the two who have known each other since 2002 still kept in touch. In Feb 2013, Nick and Dennis got together and decided that the music streaming system idea is still very current. in fact the conditions were even better than before and foresaw that it would boom even further. Let's do it.

The two roped in an angel investor and called up friends & friends of friends to form a team to implement ROCKI. Many of whom were also ex-teammembers with specific expertise. Brand & Concept in Netherlands & New York, App Development in Netherlands, Hardware Development in China and Marketing friends in 11 countries across 3 continents. Everyone came together and contributed because they love the idea and are passionate about the project. We would launch a Kickstarter and pay everyone from the proceeds of the Kickstarter. 

The name and the concept design came together - like a diamond, a precious rock. It was also the name the entire team liked best out of another 50 or so names from brainstorming. The final decision came after a survey. We made a 20-minute survey about streaming, MP3, home audio etc. The first question was "Do you like the name ROCKI" - about 70% said yes, which is a good result for any name heard for the first time. The most important question was the last question. After going through the 20-minute survey, the last question was "Do you remember the name we asked you about in the first question?" 99% said Yes! That's it., from that moment on, we were ROCKI.

After 8 months of development, we had to abandon 4 previous hardware solutions that couldn't meet all 3 of our fundamental principals - a) Small & Compact b) Sub-$50 retail price c) Open System. We made a decision to stop seeking existing audio solutions (since they don't seem to exist) and started working on programming an SoC with the functions we needed. This change in approach was the breakthrough and we finally succeeded with this 5th solution. 
From here we could begin our trajectory to launch our Kickstarter campaign. Prototypes were made, video filmed, social media started. Most importantly we also entered negotiations with factories about production schedules and reserving raw material as this would enable us to roll out the product in good time.

ROCKI's Kickstarter campaign was launched on Nov 25, needing $50K to begin production. To our delight, ROCKI was successfully funded within the 1st day. The campaign closed on Dec 20, 2013; the final amount raised was $220K with 2300 backers in 25 days.

Excited about the enthusiastic response from supporters, we decided to take ROCKI to CES 2014 - an one-day media exhibit with Pepcom's Digital Experience on Jan 5, 2014 followed by meetings with potential industry partners. The response from media and industry partners echoed the fantasic enthusiam we had seen from Kickstarter backers. ROCKI was covered hotly on key sites like Engadget and TheVerge and won a Best of CES Audio Accessory Award, and with industry insider commentiing that ROCKI is "at least 6 months ahead of competitors, with a price and time advantage".
ROCKI PLAY shipments to backers were completed in March 2013 (3 months after the Kickstarter campaign, which is considered a good time).  in April we started shipping to online direct orders as well as channels partners.

ROCKI is revenue generating with a positive net P/L. Sales of ROCKI is via Direct Sales ( as well as through Channels partners. ROCKI currently has 8 distributors in USA, UK, Sweden (for Scandinavian market), Netherlands (for Benelux market), Russia, UAE/Dubai, Hong Kong and Singapore. 

The original business plan of ROCKI is based on organic growth. However due to the fantastic response from the users, media as well as industry partners, we have decided to engage an external funding plan to enable us to accelerate the development of ROCKI as the ultimate Wifi streaming system.

Founders and Officers

Key Team Members

Phoenix Du

Software & Firmware Team Leader

Wessel Van Waas

Software Director

Sebastiaan Schalbroeck

Chief Developer

Luke Ireland


Grace Liu


Notable Advisors & Investors

Grace Liu
Rebecca Yoshitani
Michael De La Maza

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