Drunk driving is a major issue in America, with well over 100 million instances of driving-under-the-influence a year. In an effort to address this problem, StearClear has developed a mobile app to get people home safely. The app connects to a GPS system that calls designated drivers, on-demand, to drive people home in their own cars. The drivers are from local, professional drive teams, and riders’ credit cards are automatically charged upon arriving home.

STEARCLEAR is a Designated Driver service that uses GPS technology delivered through a smart phone app to connect customers with drive teams that get them and their cars home safely. By requesting a drive team through the StearClear smartphone app, a team of two drivers will respond to the customer’s GPS location to drive them in their own vehicle. Insured and professional drive teams are managed locally by StearClear franchise owners. STEARCLEAR is the #1 drunk driving service committed to reducing impaired driving with its GPS-enabled designated driver application.