"True virtual reality cannot be experienced sitting down." - Jan Goetgeluk, Virtuix CEO

Founded in early 2013 and with 31 employees, Virtuix is one of the pioneers of the recent rebirth of virtual reality (“VR”) and the leader in Active VR. Without the ability to move around in the virtual world, the user experience is static, restricted and can cause motion sickness. The Omni is the first of its kind motion platform that gives you the freedom to move around naturally and comfortably inside virtual worlds, delivering a crucial component needed to enable popular Active VR experiences like first-person shooters or virtual tourism.

Virtuix raised $1.1M via Kickstarter during the summer of 2013 and raised an additional $8MM from private and institutional investors including a series of Silicon Valley and global venture capitalists. Virtuix has pre-sold more than 4,000 Omnis to date and started delivering units to customers in December 2015. The Omni is compatible with leading virtual reality headsets and content.

Institutional investors that are participating in this round include Scentan Ventures, Western Technology Investment, Tekton Ventures, 2020 Ventures, and Scout Ventures.

What current Virtuix investors are saying*

  • "We invested in Virtuix because they are the leader in Active VR with a revolutionary, first-to-market product and an incredibly talented team that are pioneering the current wave of VR innovation."Ignacio Vilela, Investor, Startcaps Ventures
  • "We invested in Virtuix because we view the Omni as a crucial component of VR that is necessary to enable the popular, Active VR experiences that consumers want. Virtuix is building a powerful platform that is attractive and valuable to other players in the emerging VR space." - Brad Harrison, Investor, Scout Ventures
  • "Virtuix is transforming the inherently limiting seated or room-scale VR setup to a fun, engaging, and social Active VR experience. We invested in Virtuix because they are the Active VR category leader with a passionate and driven team that is determined to revolutionize VR gaming, fitness, and many other applications." - Noriaki Okubo, Investor, Scentan Ventures
  • "When I demoed the Omni for the first time last year, I glimpsed the future of virtual reality. The full-body experience was so real that when I finished, my heart was pounding, my legs were tired, and I was completely transported into another world. The Omni technology has the ability to deliver immersive experiences to consumers in a way never before possible. We’re excited to be working with Jan and the outstanding Virtuix team, who have succeeded in bringing a revolutionary product to market." - David Wu, Investor, Maveron
  • "We believe Virtuix’s virtual reality technology will not only disrupt the immersive gaming landscape but will enable even more useful, personal, and entertaining experiences in areas beyond gaming: training and simulation, fitness, medical, military. The Omni is just scratching the surface to the possibilities, and we’re honored to be working with Jan and the Virtuix team." - Jai Choi, Investor, Tekton Ventures
  • "Virtuix are the pioneers of the Active VR category with a clear vision for an immersive and exciting VR experience that is not offered by anyone else. We invested in Virtuix because we believe in the VR market, the Omni product, and the Virtuix team." - Maurice Werdegar, Investor, Western Technology Investments

What Virtuix advisors are saying*

  • "The Omni is creating an important new platform for first person shooters as well as for other types of games. I'm so impressed by the presence and adrenaline I feel throughout the experience. The Omni is a crucial link to deliver immersive first person VR play without causing motion sickness and I'm really excited to help Jan and his team explore how to keep driving the platform and attract more AAA content."  - Mike Griffith, Advisor, Vice Chairman and Former CEO of Activision Publishing
  • "When I tried the Omni, I was very impressed. Active VR brings VR to life. Virtuix has created an Active VR platform that allows for true immersion, and its possibilities are limitless." - Kai Huang, Advisor, Founder and CEO of Red Octane, creator of Guitar Hero

*Disclaimer: The following individuals were not compensated in exchange for their testimonials. In addition, their testimonials should not be construed as and/or considered investment advice.